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Volume 9, Number 4 (1997)

Thermal Characterization of Defects in Building Envelopes Using Long Square Pulse and Slow Thermal Wave Techniques.
Vavilov, V., T. Kauppinen, E. Grinzato.
(22 pages) abstract

Microwave Detection of Rust Under Paint and Composite Laminates.
Qaddoumi, N., A. Shroyer, R. Zoughi.
(15 pages) abstract

Monitoring of Structural Changes by Radar Interferometry.
Tarchi, D., E. Ohlmer, A. Sieber.
(18 pages) abstract

Microwave Nondestructive Determination of Sand-to-Cement Ratio in Mortar.
Bois, K., A. Benally, P. Nowak, R. Zoughi.
(12 pages) abstract

Volume 9, Number 3 (1997)

Interpretation of Acoustic Emission Signal from Composite Materials and its Application to Design of Automotive Composite Components.
Sato, N., T. Kurauchi.
(22 pages) abstract

Noncontact Determination of Antisymmetric Plate Wave Velocity in Ceramic Matrix Composites.
Kautz, H.
(10 pages) abstract

Thermographic Imaging for High Temperature Composite Materials — A Defect Detection Study.
Roth, D., J. Bodis, C. Bishop.
(34 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Noise Relaxation for Evaluating Thermal Aging Embrittlement of Duplex Stainless Steels.
Ogi, H., M. Hirao.
(12 pages) abstract

Volume 9, Number 2 (1997)

Three-Dimensional Ultrasonic Crack Detection in Anisotropic Materials.
Mattsson, J., A. Niklasson and A. Eriksson.
(26 pages) abstract

Self-Focusing of Rayleigh Waves and Lamb Waves with a Linear Phased Array.
Deutsch, W., A. Cheng and J. Achenbach.
(15 pages) abstract

Thickness Measurement for Thin Films and Coatings Using Millimeter Waves.
Han, H. and E. Mansueto.
(22 pages) abstract

Volume 9, Number 1 (1997)

Electronic Shearography for Detecting Disbonds in Lattice/Skin Structures.
Maji, A. and D. Satpathi.
(15 pages) abstract

A Fiber Optic, Ultrasonic System to Monitor the Cure of Epoxy.
Dorighi, J., S. Krishnaswamy and J. Achenbach.
(12 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Determination of Stiffness Properties of an Orthotropic Viscoelastic Material.
Newell, K., A. Sinclair, Y. Fan and C. Georgescu.
(15 pages) abstract

Multiple NDE Techniques for the Measurement of Constituent Volume Fractions in Metal Matrix Composites.
Jeong, H.
(19 pages) abstract

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