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Volume 7, Number 4 (1996)

Residual Stress Measurement in Steel Plates and Welds Using Critically Refracted Longitudinal (LCR): Waves.
Leon Salamanca, T. and D. Bray.
(16 pages) abstract

Roller Device to Scan for Surface Breaking Cracks and to Determine Crack Depth by a Self Calibrating Ultrasonic Technique.
Cheng, A. and J. Achenbach.
(10 pages) abstract

Focusing PVDF Transducers for Acoustic Microscopy.
Smolorz, S. and W. Grill.
(8 pages) abstract

Longitudinal AC Interactions with Axial Slits in Steel Pipes.
Smith, S. and D. Atherton.
(12 pages) abstract

Amplitude-Modulated Lock In Vibrothermography for NDE of Polymers and Composites.
Rantala, J., D. Wu and G. Busse.
(21 pages) abstract

Nondestructive Evaluation of Corrosion by Fractal Geometry.
Jin, F. and F. Chiang.
(13 pages) abstract

Thermoelastic Stress Analysis with Standard Thermographic Equipment by Means of Statistical Noise Rejection.
Offermann, S., C. Bissieux and J. Beaudoin.
(16 pages) abstract

Volume 7, Number 2/3 (1995)

Microwave and Millimeter Wave Nondestructive Testing: A Succinct Introduction.
Zoughi, R.
(4 pages) abstract

A General Formulation for Admittance of an Open Ended Rectangular Waveguide Radiating into Stratified Dielectrics.
Bakhtiari, S., S. Ganchev and R. Zoughi.
(13 pages) abstract

Thin Film Inspection with Millimeter Wave Reflectometer.
Han, H. and E. Mansueto.
(12 pages) abstract

Microwave Compressive Strength Estimation of Cement Paste Using Monopole Probes.
Shalaby, W. and R. Zoughi.
(15 pages) abstract

Dielectric and Magnetic Measurements: A Survey of Nondestructive, Quasi Nondestructive and Process Control Techniques.
Baker Jarvis, J., C. Jones, B. Riddle, M. Janezic, R. Geyer, J. Grosvenor and C. Weil.
(20 pages) abstract

Microwave Near-Field Imaging with Open Ended Waveguide — Comparison with Other Techniques of Nondestructive Testing.
Diener, L.
(16 pages) abstract

Microwave Inspection of Luggage for Contraband Materials Using Imaging and Inverse Scattering Algorithms.
Watters, D., D. Falconer, K. Harker, R. Ueberschaer and A. Bahr.
(15 pages) abstract

Volume 7, Number 1 (1995)

Anomalous Magnetic Source Defect Modelling.
Ma, B. and D. Atherton.
(12 pages) abstract

Determination of All Elastic Constants of Orthotropic Plate Specimens from Group Velocity Data.
Kim, K., T. Ohtani, A. Baker and W. Sachse.
(17 pages) abstract

Transient Fields of Pulsed Transducers in Solids.
Xue, T., W. Lord and S. Udpa.
(23 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Inhomogeneous Plane Strain in Elastic Medium.
Ravasoo, A.
(14 pages) abstract

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