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Volume 4, Number 4 (1992)

Application of the Reciprocity Theorem to Nondestructive Evaluation.
Kino, G. and B. Khuri Yakub.
(12 pages) abstract

Eddy Current Inversion for Layered Conductors.
Bowler, J. and S. Norton.
(15 pages) abstract

Characterizing the Performance of Eddy Current Probes Using Photoinductive Field Mapping.
Moulder, J. and N. Nakagawa.
(16 pages) abstract

Development in the Theory and Analysis of Eddy Current Sensing of Velocity in Liquid Metals.
Kahn, A. and L. Phillips.
(12 pages) abstract

Volume 4, Number 3 (1992)

Resonance Acoustoelasticity Measurement of Stress in Thin Plates.
Hirao, M., H. Fukuoka and Y. Murakami.
(12 pages) abstract

Temperature Dependence of Elastic Nonlinearity in Metal Matrix Composites.
Mohrbacher, H. and K. Salama.
(12 pages) abstract

Detecting Lamb Waves with Broadband Acousto Ultrasonic Signals in Composite Structures.
Kautz, H.
(14 pages) abstract

Determination of Sheet Steel Formability Using Wide Band Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers.
Clark, A., C. Fortunko, M. Lozev, S. Schaps and M. Renken.
(18 pages) abstract

Commentary on 'Quantitative Acoustic Emission Source Characterization of Microcracking in Steel'.
Clark, G.
(8 pages) abstract

Volume 4, Number 2 (1992)

High Energy, High Resolution Monochromatic X ray Computed Tomography System.
Nagata, Y., H. Yamaji, K. Hayashi, K. Kawashima, K. Hyodo, H. Kawata and M. Ando.
(24 pages) abstract

Effect of Liftoff on Accuracy of Phase Velocity Measurements Made With Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducers.
Clark, A. and Y. Berlinsky.
(18 pages) abstract

Evaluation of Performance of a Film Based X ray Tomographic System.
Rheinlnder, J., A. Lindegaard Andersen and Y. Bushlin.
(11 pages) abstract

Integrated Statistical Processing of NDE Signals for Class Discrimination.
Dickstein, P.
(18 pages) abstract

Volume 4, Number 1 (1992)

Ultrasonic Time of Flight Equivalent Flaw Sizing Method, An.
Song, S. and L. Schmerr.
(18 pages) abstract

Principles of Depth Analysis of Surface Hardened Layers by the Magnetic Noise Method.
Vengrinovich, V., M. Knyazev and A. Vishnevsky.
(9 pages) abstract

A Note on Multilayer Acoustic Antireflection Coatings.
Martin, B.
(7 pages) abstract

A Knowledge-Based System for Nondestructive Testing of Polymeric Composite Components.
Gomes, E. and S. Kota.
(18 pages) abstract

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