Volume 32/Number 2 2021

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Volume 32, Number 2 (2021)

Limitations of Sonic Echo Testing on Buried Piles of Unknown Bridge Foundations.
Saman Rashidyan, Tang-Tat Ng, and Arup Maji.
(15 pages) abstract

A Detection Sensitivity Analysis Model for Structural Health Monitoring to Inspect Wall Thinning considering Random Sensor Location.
Haicheng Song and Noritaka Yusa.
(14 pages) abstract

Mechanical Sensing Properties of Embedded Smart Piezoelectric Sensor for Structural Health Monitoring of Concrete.
Fei Sha, Dongyu Xu, Xin Cheng, and Shifeng Huang.
(25 pages) abstract

EIC Letter.
Parisa Shokouhi.
(2 pages) abstract

Volume 32, Number 1 (2021)

Investigation of Magnetic Memory Signal of Propagation of Buried Crack under Applied Load.
Kunshan Xu, Ke Yang, Jie Liu, Xiaoping Chen, and Yue Wang.
(9 pages) abstract

The Performance of Three Total Variation Based Algorithms for Enhancing the Contrast of Industrial Radiography Images.
Mahdi Mirzapour, Effat Yahaghi, and Amir Movafeghi.
(14 pages) abstract

Quality Assurance of Thin-Walled Nickel Tubes by Eddy Current (EC) Testing Using the Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) Processing Methodology.
Arjun V., S. Thirunavukkarasu, and Anish Kumar.
(14 pages) abstract

Study on the Change Law of Transverse Ultrasonic Velocity in a High Temperature Material.
Yang Zheng, Zheng Li, Jinjie Zhou, and Zongjian Zhang.
(20 pages) abstract

Volume 31, Number 5/6 (2020)

Introduction to RNDE NDE 4.0.
Roman Gr. Maev.
(4 pages) abstract

Pitch-Catch Ultrasonic Array Characterization of the Hidden Region of Impact Damage in Composites.
John C. Aldrin, John N. Wertz, John T. Welter, Eric A. Lindgren, Norman D. Schehl, Victoria A. Kramb, and David Zainey.
(15 pages) abstract

NDE 4.0 compatible ultrasound inspection of butt-fused joints of medium-density polyethylene gas pipes, using chord-type transducers supported by customized deep learning models.
Maryam Shafiei Alavijeh, Ryan Scott, Fedar Seviaryn, and Roman Gr. Maev.
(16 pages) abstract

Advances in the UK Toward NDE 4.0.
N. Brierley, R. A. Smith, N. Turner, R. Culver, T. Maw, A. Holloway, O. Jones, and P. D. Wilcox.
(19 pages) abstract

Metrological Assurance and Standardization of Advanced Tools and Technologies for nondestructive Testing and Condition Monitoring (NDT4.0).
Kirill V. Gogolinskiy and Vladimir A. Syasko.
(15 pages) abstract

Next Generation NDE Sensor Systems as IIoT Elements of Industry 4.0.
Bernd Valeske, Ahmad Osman, Florian Rmer and Ralf Tschuncky.
(30 pages) abstract

Nondestructive Evaluation 4.0: Ultrasonic Intelligent Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation for Composites.
Songping Liu, Feifei Liu, Yusen Yang, Legang Li, and Zhiying Li.
(19 pages) abstract

Volume 31, Number 4 (2020)

Study of Defects in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composites Visualized by Magnetic Induction Tomography.
Meng Qifeng, Song Kai, Zhang Lipan, Ning Ning, and Huang Huabin.
(13 pages) abstract

A Reliability-Based Condition Assessment of Structural Concrete Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Imaging Techniques.
Jones Owusu Twumasi, Paul DeStefano, and John T. Christian.
(20 pages) abstract

Nondestructive Testing by Frequency-Domain Continuous-Wave Ultrasound Reflectometry.
K. Stoev and T. Sawadogo.
(18 pages) abstract

Nonlinear Ultrasonic Second Harmonic Assessment of Concrete Defects Based on Embedded Piezoelectric Sensors.
Jun Chen, Chenglong Yang, Qingdong Wang, Ning Xu, and Taotao Zhang.
(17 pages) abstract

Volume 31, Number 3 (2020)

Development of Multi-Coils Circular Eddy Current Sensor for Characterization of Fibers Orientation and Defect Detection in Multidirectional CFRP Material.
Nabil Benhadda, Dahmane Hachi, Bachir Helifa, Ibn Khaldoun Lefkaier,and Bachir Abdelhadi.
(14 pages) abstract

Sizing Small Crack-like Flaws through Non-ideal Part Surface Using Ultrasonic Measurement Model.
Xiongbing Li, Nan Sun, Yongfeng Song, and Shuzeng Zhang.
(17 pages) abstract

Total Variation (TV)l1 Norm Minimization Based Limited Data X-ray CT Image Reconstruction.
Shubhabrata Sarkar, Pankaj Wahi, and Prabhat Munshi.
(23 pages) abstract

Analytical Model of the Electro-Mechanical Impedance Response of Frame Structures with L-Shaped Beams.
Mohsen Mohsenzadeh, Seyed Reza Hamzeloo, Mohsen Barzegar,and Ali Pourkamali Anaraki.
(16 pages) abstract

Volume 31, Number 2 (2020)

Detection and Quantification of Non-Linear Structural Behavior Using Frequency Domain Methods.
J. Prawin and A. Rama Mohan Rao.
(38 pages) abstract

Defects Detection of Digital Radiographic Images of Aircraft Structure Materials via Geometric Locally Adaptive Sharpening.
Effat Yahaghi, Amir Movafeghi, Behrouz Rokrok, and Mahdi Mirzapour.
(9 pages) abstract

Developing a Speckle Pattern to Evaluate Adhesive Joints Using Digital Image Correlation.
Seyed Fouad Karimian and Tsuchin Philip Chu.
(17 pages) abstract

Volume 31, Number 1 (2020)

Adaptive Algorithm for Estimating and Tracking the Location of Multiple Impacts on a Plate-Like Structure.
El Yamine Dris, R. Drai, M. Bentahar, and D. Berkani.
(23 pages) abstract

Stress-Dependent Magnetic Charge Model for Micro-Defects of Steel Wire Based on the Magnetic Memory Method.
Sanqing Su, Xiaoping Ma, Wei Wang, and Yiyi Yang.
(24 pages) abstract

The Effect of Motion-Induced Eddy Current on High-Speed Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) Inspection for Thick-Wall Steel Pipe.
Guanyu Piao, Jingbo Guo, Tiehua Hu, and Henry Leung.
(20 pages) abstract

Volume 30, Number 6 (2019)

Detecting degradation in reinforced concrete subjected to uniaxial compression, using the parameters of electric response to mechanical impact.
Tatyana V. Fursa, Gregory E. Utsyn, Maxim Petrov, Denis D. Dann, and Alexey N. Sokolovskiy.
(17 pages) abstract

Temperature Sensitivity Study of Eddy Current and Digital Gauge Probes for Oxide Measurement.
Faith R. Beck, R. Paul Lind, and James A. Smith.
(16 pages) abstract

Detection and classification of internal defects in limestone blocks based on a deconvolution technique with SI-PLCA applied to GPR signals.
Maria Violeta Montiel-Zafra, F. Canadas-Quesada, P. Vera-Candeas, N. Ruiz-Reyes, J. Rey Arrans, and J. Martnez Lpez.
(30 pages) abstract

Volume 30, Number 5 (2019)

Modeling and Experimental Studies on 3D-Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing for Enhanced Flaw Detection in Carbon Steel Plates.
W. Sharatchandra Singh, S. V. Sagar Kumar, C. K. Mukhopadhyay, B. Purnachandra Rao, and P. Ravindar.
(16 pages) abstract

De-noising of Magnetic Flux Leakage Signals Based on Wavelet Filtering Method.
Ou Zhang and Xueye Wei.
(18 pages) abstract

Feasibility investigation regarding evaluation of external wall-thickness loss in nonmagnetic tubes using a bobbin-typed electromagnetic acoustic transducer.
Yong Li, Bei Yan, Haoqing Jing, Yi Wang, Jinhua Hu, and Zhenmao Chen.
(16 pages) abstract

Nondestructive Characterization of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Heat Treated H13 Tool Steel Using Magnetic Hysteresis Loop Methodology.
Saeed Kahrobaee, Hossein Norouzi Sahraei, and Iman Ahadi Akhlaghi.
(13 pages) abstract

Volume 30, Number 4 (2019)

Magnetization Time Lag Caused by Eddy Currents and Its Influence on High-Speed Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing.
Bo Feng, Yihua Kang, Yanhua Sun, and Zhiyang Deng.
(16 pages) abstract

Automated Quality Characterization for Composites Using Hybrid Ultrasonic Imaging Techniques.
Jiangtao Sun, Alvin Yung Boon Chong, Siamak Tavakoli, Guojin Feng, Jamil Kanfoud, Cem Selcuk, and Tat-Hean Gan.
(16 pages) abstract

Enhancing radiographic imaging of cementitious materials in composite structures with photon attenuating inclusions.
Wesley J. Keller and Stephen Pessiki.
(21 pages) abstract

Volume 30, Number 3 (2019)

Signal processing techniques for filtering acoustic emission data in prestressed concrete.
Marwa A Abdelrahman, Mohamed K ElBatanouny, John R Rose, and Paul H Ziehl.
(22 pages) abstract

A computational investigation and smooth-shaped defect synthesis for eddy current testing problems using the subregion finite element method.
Mohammad R. Rawashdeh, Anders Rosell, Lalita Udpa, S. Ratnajeevan H. Hoole, and Yiming Deng.
(30 pages) abstract

Optimized Filtered Back-Projection Tomographic Reconstruction Algorithm for the Step-Shift Scanning of a Sample.
Ali Hosenovich Ozdiev, Bright Kwame Afornu, and Dmitry Andreevich Sednev.
(9 pages) abstract

Volume 30, Number 2 (2019)

Frequency modulated thermal wave imaging for visualizing power density of electromagnetic waves on plane surfaces.
Khalid Muzaffar, Deboshree Roy, Suneet Tuli, and Shiban Koul.
(15 pages) abstract

FISTA Algorithm for Radiography Images Enhancementwith Background Blurring Removal.
Effat Yahaghi, Mahdi Mirzapour, Amir Movafeghi, Parisa Mohammadi Matin, and Behrouz Rokrok.
(9 pages) abstract

Grain size correction of welding residual stress measurement in a carbon steel plate using the critical refraction of longitudinal waves.
Bin Liu, Wenbing Miao, Shiyun Dong, and Peng He.
(15 pages) abstract

Volume 30, Number 1 (2019)

Evaluation of Bonding Quality in the Carbon FiberReinforced Polymer (CFRP) Composite Laminates by Measurements of Local Vibration Nonlinearity.
Igor Solodov, Damien Sgur, and Marc Kreutzbruck.
(18 pages) abstract

Critical examination of ultrasonic transducer characteristics and calibration methods.
Kanji Ono.
(46 pages) abstract

Volume 3, Number 4 (1991)

Numerical Modeling of the V(z) Curve for a Thin-Layer/Substrate Configuration.
Ahn, V., J. Achenbach, Z. Li and J. Kim.
(18 pages) abstract

DGS Diagrams and Frequency Response Curves for a Flat-Bottom Hole: A Model-Based Approach.
Song, S., L. Schmerr and A. Sedov.
(19 pages) abstract

A Normalization Scheme for Comparing Eddy Current Differential Probe Signals Using a Finite Element Formulation.
Lynch, D., A. Mahmood, L. Philipp and Q. Nguyen.
(14 pages) abstract

Exact First Order Finite Element Modeling for Eddy Current NDE.
Philipp, L., Q. Nguyen, D. Derkacht, D. Lynch and A. Mahmood.
(19 pages) abstract

Volume 3, Number 3 (1991)

Numerical Estimation of the Spatial Resolution of Thermal NDT Techniques Based on Flash Heating.
Rantala, J. and J. Hartikainen.
(15 pages) abstract

Inherent Effects in Image Formation by Film Based Tomography.
Bushlin, Y., A. Lindegaard-Andersen and A. Notea.
(17 pages) abstract

Elastic Nonlinearity in Metal-Matrix Composites.
Mohrbacher, H. and K. Salama.
(12 pages) abstract

Quantitative Spectral Analysis for Flaw Detection in Concrete.
Koo, J., S. Lee, Y. Kim and H. Lew.
(12 pages) abstract

Volume 3, Number 2 (1991)

Photopyroelectric Measurement of the Thermal Diffusivity of Recrystallized High Purity Aluminum.
Peralta, S., S. Ellis, C. Christofides, A. Mandelis, H. Sang and B. Farahbakhsh.
(12 pages) abstract

Thermographic Nondestructive Evaluation: Data Inversion Procedures. Part I: 1-D Analysis.
Krapez, J. and P. Cielo.
(20 pages) abstract

Thermographic Nondestructive Evaluation: Data Inversion Procedures. Part II: 2-D Analysis and Experimental Results.
Krapez, J., X. Maldague and P. Cielo.
(24 pages) abstract

Volume 3, Number 1 (1991)

Particle Sizing by Quantitative Acoustic Emission.
Buttle, D., S. Martin and C. Scruby.
(26 pages) abstract

Ray Trace Calculations of Ultrasonic Fields.
Johnson, J., N. Carlson and D. Tow.
(13 pages) abstract

Physically Based Dispersion Curve Feature Analysis in the NDE of Composites.
Balasubramaniam, K. and J. Rose.
(27 pages) abstract

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