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Volume 22, Number 4 (2011)

A Time Domain Equivalent Source Model of an Impulse GPR Antenna Based on Measured Radiation Fields.
Belli, K., C. Rappaport and S. Wadia-Fascetti.
(11 pages) abstract

Scattering of the Lowest Lamb Wave Modes by a Corrosion Pit.
Hao, S., B. Strom, G. Gordon, S. Krishnaswamy and J. Achenbach.
(23 pages) abstract

Investigation of Backscatter X-Ray Imaging Techniques for Uranium Dioxide Fuel Rods.
Jackson, T., D. Hollenbach and D. Shedlock.
(17 pages) abstract

Volume 22, Number 3 (2011)

Ultrasonic Measurement Models for Contact Testing with Bulk Waves, Surface Waves, and Plate Waves.
Schmerr, L. and A. Sedov.
(18 pages) abstract

Mart Algorithms for Circular and Helical Cone-Beam Tomography.
Jain, N., A. Raj, M. Kalra, P. Munshi and V. Ravindran.
(21 pages) abstract

Characteristic Signature of Specimen Using an Approximate Formula for 3D Circular Cone-Beam Tomography.
Jain, N., M. Kalra and P. Munshi.
(17 pages) abstract

Volume 22, Number 2 (2011)

Optical Scanning for Structural Vibration Measurement.
Ferrer, B., J. Espinosa, J. Perez, S. Ivorra and D. Mas.
(15 pages) abstract

Principal Component Analysis-Based Image Fusion Routine with Application to Automotive Stamping Split Detection.
Zhou, Y., A. Mayyas and M. Omar.
(16 pages) abstract

Quantitative Fractography for Improved Probability of Detection (POD) Analysis of Bolt Hole Eddy Current.
Underhill, P. and T. Krause.
(13 pages) abstract

Automated Crack Detection for Digital Radiography Aircraft Wing Inspection.
Wang, X., B. Wong, C. Tan and C. Guan Tui.
(23 pages) abstract

Volume 22, Number 1 (2011)

Time Domain Image Reconstruction for a Buried 2D Homogeneous Dielectric Cylinder Using NU-SSGA.
Sun, C., C. Li, C. Chiu and C. Huang.
(15 pages) abstract

Nondestructive Evaluation of Naval Munitions Using X-Ray CT.
Anderson, J., A. Jackson, H. Martin and J. Schubert.
(15 pages) abstract

Tomographic Reconstruction of Defects in Composite Plates Using Genetic Algorithms with Cluster Analysis.
Kishore, N., P. Munshi, M. Ranamale, V. Ramakrishna and W. Arnold.
(30 pages) abstract

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