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Volume 19, Number 4 (2008)

Use of Eddy Current Technology to Assist in the Evaluation of the Fatigue Damage of Electrical Conductors.
Dalpe, C., S. Goudreau, L. Cloutier and A. Cardo.
(21 pages) abstract

Remote Field Eddy Current Control Using Rotating Magnetic Field Transducer: Application to Pressure Tubes Examination.
Grimberg, R., L. Udpa, A. Savin, R. Steigmann, P. Vizureanu, A. Bruma and S. Udp.
(17 pages) abstract

Time-Frequency Approach for Ground Penetrating Radar Data Analysis to Assess Railroad Ballast Condition.
Al-Qadi, I., W. Xie and R. Robert.
(19 pages) abstract

Volume 19, Number 3 (2008)

Nondestructive Evaluation of Anisotropy in Composite Materials via Acoustic Birefringence.
Solodov, I., K. Pfleiderer, D. Doring and G. Busse.
(15 pages) abstract

Investigating the Effects of Aging on the Raman Scattering of Kevlar Strands.
Washer, G., T. Brooks and R. Saulsberry.
(20 pages) abstract

Optimization of Test Parameters for Magneto-Optic Imaging Using Taguchi's Parameter Design and Response-Model Approach.
Zeng, Z., L. Udpa, S. Udpa, L. Xuan and W. Shih.
(17 pages) abstract

Volume 19, Number 2 (2008)

Finite Difference Time Domain Simulation of Ultrasonic Phased Array Sector Scan for Imaging Cracks in Large Pipes, Elbows, and Tee Sections.
Satyanarayan, L., K. Mohan, C. Krishnamurthy and K. Balasubramaniam.
(26 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Transducer Fields Modeled with a Modular Multi-Gaussian Beam and Application to a Contact Angle Beam Testing.
Jeong, H. and L. Schmerr Jr.
(17 pages) abstract

Micro- and Macroscale Damage Detection Using the Nonlinear Acoustic Vibro-Modulation Technique.
Zagrai, A., D. Donskoy, A. Chudnovsky and E. Golovin.
(25 pages) abstract

Volume 19, Number 1 (2008)

Mutual Impedance of Planar Eddy-Current Driver — Pickup Spiral Coils.
Burke, S. and R. Ditchburn.
(19 pages) abstract

On the Theory of Direct and Inverse Problems in the Elastic Rectangle: Antiplane Case.
Sumbatyan, M., V. Tibullo and V. Zampoli.
(24 pages) abstract

Investigation of the Variations in Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Dual-Matrix Ductile Iron by Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Analysis.
Hakan Gur, C., M. Ozer and M. Erdogan.
(17 pages) abstract

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