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Volume 15, Number 4 (2004)

Circumferential Shear Horizontal Wave Axial-Crack Sizing in Pipes.
Luo, W., J.L. Rose and H. Kwun.
(23 pages) abstract

Scatter or Defect? Some Remarks on the Interpretation of Acoustic Spectral Shift.
Steinbuch, R.
(17 pages) abstract

Acoustic Emission Evaluation of Concrete Culverts.
Birgul, R., F.M.W. Al-shammari, I.O. Yaman and M.H. Aktan.
(18 pages) abstract

Volume 15, Number 3 (2004)

Probability of Detection Model for Gas Transmission Pipeline Inspection.
Zeng, Z., L. Xuan, Y. Sun, L. Udpa and S. Udpa.
(12 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Detection by Photo-EMF Sensor and by Wideband Air-Coupled Transducer.
Cerniglia, D. and B. Boro Djordjevic.
(7 pages) abstract

Analysis of Acoustic Emission Waveforms in Rock.
Unander, T.
(30 pages) abstract

Volume 15, Number 2 (2004)

Nondestructive Control of Polyethylene Blanket Insulation by Means of Lock-in Thermography.
Meola, C., G. Carlomagno, U. Prisco and A. Vitiello.
(9 pages) abstract

Material Characterization and NDE Using Focused Slanted Transmission Mode of Air-Coupled Ultrasound.
Solodov, I., R. Stoessel and G. Busse.
(21 pages) abstract

Wavelet Transform for Characterizing Longitudinal and Lateral Transient Vibrations of Railroad Tracks.
Scalea, L. and J. McNamara.
(12 pages) abstract

Volume 15, Number 1 (2004)

Registration of Multi-modal NDI Images for Aging Aircraft.
Liu, Z. and D.S. Forsyth.
(17 pages) abstract

Active Ultrasonic Nondestructive Testing of Rotating Parts and Bearings.
Rimlyand, V.I., A.V. Kazarbin and M.B. Dobromyslov.
(11 pages) abstract

Feasibility of Ultrasonic Tomography for Nondestructive Testing of Decay on Living Trees.
Socco, L.V., L. Sambuelli, R. Martinis, E. Comino and G. Nicolotti.
(24 pages) abstract

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