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Volume 13, Number 4 (2001)

Shearographic Monitoring of Time Dependent Thermoelastic Deformations.
Champion, J., J.B. Spicer, R. Osiander and J.W.M. Spicer.
(16 pages) abstract

Point and Line Source Laser Generation of Ultrasound for Inspection of Internal and Surface Flaws in Rail and Structural Materials.
Kenderian, S., B. Djordjevic and R. Green.
(12 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Cylindrical Samples with Surface Acoustic Waves.
Solodov, I., N. Krohn, R. Stoessel and G. Busse.
(19 pages) abstract

Nondestructive Characterization of Planar Defects Using Laser Generated Ultrasonic Shear Waves.
Wooh, S. and J. Wang.
(16 pages) abstract

Volume 13, Number 3 (2001)

Pulsed Eddy Current Technology: Characterizing Material Loss with Gap and Lift-off Variations.
Gigure, S., B. Lepine and J. Dubois.
(15 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Tomographic Imaging of an Encased, Highly Attenuating Solid Medium.
Gan, T., D. Hutchins, D. Billson and F. Wong.
(26 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Guided Wave Inspection of Bonded Lap Joints: Noncontact Method and Photoelastic Visualization.
Lanza di Scalea, F., M. Bonomo and D. Tuzzeo.
(23 pages) abstract

Volume 13, Number 1 (2001)

A Study of Wood Inspection by Infrared Thermography, Part I: Wood Hole Inspection by Infrared Thermography.
Wyckhuyse, A. and X. Maldague.
(17 pages) abstract

A Study of Wood Inspection by Infrared Thermography, Part II: Thermography for Wood Defects Detection.
Wyckhuyse, A. and X. Maldague.
(15 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic and Microscopic Investigation of Impact Damage in GFRP Composites.
Gros, X. and C. Pecorari.
(20 pages) abstract

Optical Nondestructive Evaluation for Structures.
Fu, G., A. Moosa and J. Peng.
(25 pages) abstract

Volume 13, No 2 (2001)

Noncontact Air-Coupled Guided Wave Ultrasonics for Detection of Thinning Defects in Aluminum Plates.
Tuzzeo, D. and F. Lanza di Scalea.
(20 pages) abstract

Neural Network-Based Inverse Analysis for Defect Identification with Laser Ultrasonics.
Oishi, A., K. Yamada, S. Yoshimura, G. Yagawa, S. Nagai and Y. Matsuda.
(18 pages) abstract

Imaging Hilbert-Transformed Ultrasonic Data.
Chang, Y. and S. Chen.
(9 pages) abstract

Localization of a "Synthetic" Acoustic Emission Source on the Surface of a Fatigue Specimen.
Gaul, L., S. Hurlebaus and L. Jacobs.
(14 pages) abstract

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