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Volume 12, Number 4 (2000)

Pulsed-Laser Ultrasound Generation in Graphite/Epoxy Plate.
Resaizadeh, A. and J. Duke.
(25 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Measurement of Stress Using a Rotating EMAT.
Clark, A., C. Hehman and T. Nguyen.
(24 pages) abstract

Analysis of Defective Carbon-Epoxy by Means of Lock-in Thermography.
Giorleo, G., C. Meola and A. Squillace.
(13 pages) abstract

Volume 12, Number 3 (2000)

Elastodynamic Response of a Periodic Layer of Spherical Particles Containing Vacancies.
Kinra, V., B. Henderson and E. Vandygriff.
(11 pages) abstract

Doppler-Based Airborne Ultrasound for Detecting Surface Discontinuities on a Moving Target.
Wooh, S.
(26 pages) abstract

Effects of Compressive Stress on Magnetization Components of a Line Pipe Steel Cube.
Mao, W. and D. Atherton.
(12 pages) abstract

Radioscopic Images Segmentation by 'Edge and Area' Combined Approach for Weld Geometric Characterization.
Gueudre, C., J. Moysan and G. Corneloup.
(13 pages) abstract

Volume 12, Number 2 (2000)

MESSINE, a Parametric Three-Dimensional Eddy Current Model.
La, R., B. Benoist, B. de Barmon, M. Talvard, R. Lengell and P. Gaillard.
(22 pages) abstract

Microwave Detection of Stress-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel and Potential for Crack Opening Determination.
Qaddoumi, N., E. Ranu, J. McColskey, R. Mirshahi and R. Zoughi.
(18 pages) abstract

Acoustoelastic Effects in Elastic Media with Nonuniform Initial Stress.
Delsanto, P., D. Olivero, G. Perego and M. Scalerandi.
(17 pages) abstract

A Quantitative Approach to Active Thermographic Inspection for Material Loss Evaluation in Metallic Structures.
Rajic, N.
(15 pages) abstract

Volume 12, Number 1 (2000)

Calculation and Measurement of Scattering Coefficients for Surface-Breaking Cracks Sonified by a Focused Array.
W. Deutsch, A. Cheng and J. Achenbach.
(18 pages) abstract

Nonlinear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy (NEWS) Techniques to Discern Material Damage, Part I: Nonlinear Wave Modulation Spectroscopy (NWMS).
K. Van Den Abeele, P. Johnson and A. Sutin.
(14 pages) abstract

Nonlinear Elastic Wave Spectroscopy (NEWS) Techniques to Discern Material Damage, Part II: Single-Mode Nonlinear Resonance Acoustic Spectroscopy.
K. Van Den Abeele, J. Carmeliet, J. Ten Cate and P. Johnson.
(12 pages) abstract

Electronic Shearography with Thermal Loading for Detecting Debonds in Thick Polyurethane/Steel Panels for Marine Applications.
Lanza di Scalea, F., J. Spicer and R. Green.
(10 pages) abstract

Eddy Current Testing of Thin Layers Using Coplanar Coils.
Pedersen, L., K. Magnusson and Y. Zhengsheng.
(12 pages) abstract

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