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Volume 10, Number 4 (1998)

Elastic Fields in Immersed Isotropic Solids from Phased Arrays: The Time Harmonic Case.
P. Wu and T. Stepinski.
(29 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Guided Wave NDT for Hidden Corrosion Detection.
W. Zhu, J. Rose, J. Barshinger and V. Agarwala.
(21 pages) abstract

Steam Tube Defect Characterization Using Eddy Current Z-parameters.
Q. Nguyen, L. Philipp, D. Lynch and A. Pardini.
(26 pages) abstract

Volume 10, Number 3 (1998)

Analysis of Acoustic Emissions from a Steel Bridge Hanger.
M. Sison, J. Duke, M. Lozev and G. Clemena.
(23 pages) abstract

Plate Wave Characterization of Stiffness Degradation in Composites During Fatigue.
J. Shih, A. Mal and M. Vemuri.
(16 pages) abstract

Finite Element Analysis for Remote Field Eddy Current Responses for Near and Farside Cracks.
Y. Zhang and D. Atherton.
(10 pages) abstract

Extracting Rayleigh Waves from Noise using a Differential Optical Interferometer.
A. Shokry and J. Gilbert.
(14 pages) abstract

Volume 10, Number 2 (1998)

ESPI and Digital Speckle Correlation Applied to Inspection of Crevice Corrosion on Aging Aircraft.
F. Jin and F. Chiang.
(14 pages) abstract

Lateral Migration Radiography.
E. Dugan, A. Jacobs, S. Keshavmurthy and J. Wehlburg.
(51 pages) abstract

Hamming Signature of Three Composite Specimens.
P. Munshi and S. Singh.
(17 pages) abstract

Volume 10, Number 1 (1998)

Nondestructive Evaluation of Composite Materials by ESPI.
W. Wang, C. Hwang and T. Chiou.
(22 pages) abstract

Ultrasonic Study of Environmental Damage Initiation and Evolution in Adhesive Joints.
A. Lavrentyev and S. Rokhlin.
(26 pages) abstract

Application of Modal Flexibility and Its Derivatives in Structural Identification.
Z. Zhang and A. Aktan.
(20 pages) abstract

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