Volume 29/Number 1 2018
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Issues from Volume 28

Volume 28, Number 4 (October–December 2017)

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing for Post-Weld and OnLine Detection of Friction Stir Welding Defects
D. J. Huggett, M. W. Dewan, M. A. Wahab, A. Okeil, and T. W. Liao (24 pages)

Absolute Measurement and Relative Measurement of Ultrasonic Nonlinear Parameters
Jongbeom Kim, Dong-Gi Song, and Kyung-Young Jhang (15 pages)

Nonlinear Ultrasonic Damage Characterization of Limestone
Megan E. McGovern and Henrique Reis (15 pages)

Volume 28, Number 3 (July–September 2017)

Geophysical Investigations at Cairo's Oldest, the Church of Aby Serga (St. Sergius), Cairo, Egypt
Sayed Hemeda and Kyriazis Pitilakis (27 pages)

A Novel Non-Invasive Method for Extraction of Geometrical and Texture Features of Wood
Koushlendra Kumar Singh, Manish Kumar Bajpai, Rajesh K. Pandey, and Prabhat Munshi (18 pages)

Quantitative Assessment of CFRP-concrete Cylinders Using Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
Tzuyang Yu (18 pages)

Volume 28, Number 2 (April–June 2017)

Nondestructive Evaluation on Strain Sensing Capability of Piezoelectric Sensors for Structural Health Monitoring
Fei Shaa,b, Xin Chengb, Shucai Lia, Dongyu Xub, Shifeng Huangb, Rentai Liua, Zhaofeng Lia, Xinchun Xieb, and Xiaojing Guob (15 pages)

Current Density Reconstructions for Lorentz Force Evaluation
Judith Mengelkamp, Matthias Carlstedt, Konstantin Weise, Marek Ziolkowski, Hartmut Brauer, and Jens Haueisen (25 pages)

Comparison Between Using Longitudinal and Shear Waves in Ultrasonic Stress Measurement to Investigate the Effect of Post-Weld Heat-Treatment on Welding Residual Stresses
Yashar Javadi, Khaled Azari, Seyed Mahmoud Ghalehbandi, and M. J. Roy (22 pages)

Volume 28, Number 1 (January–March 2017)

Introduction to Nondestructive Materials Characterization Special Issue
Shank Kenderian (2 pages)

Assessment of Thermal Aging of Aluminum Alloy by Acoustic Nonlinearity Measurement of Surface Acoustic Waves
Hogeon Seo, Jihyun Jun, and Kyung-Young Jhang (15 pages)

Characterization of Microcracking in Polymer Concrete Using Multiple Scattered Waves Under Steady-State Vibration Conditions
S. Toumi, C. Mechri, M. Bentahar, F. Boubenider, and R. El Guerjouma (10 pages)

Resonant Ultrasonic Activation of Damage: Application for Diagnostic Imaging
Igor Solodov (17 pages)

Nondestructive Condition Assessment Techniques for the Ethylene-Propylene Rubber Cable
Xiaokai Meng, Zhiqiang Wang, and Guofeng Li (15 pages)