Volume 30/Number 2 2019

RNDE Instructions to Authors (continued)
Color illustrations will be considered for publication; however, the author will be required to bear the full cost involved in their printing and publication. The charge for the first page with color is $900. The next three pages with color are $450 each. A custom quote will be provided for color art totaling more than four journal pages. Good-quality color files should be provided in their final size. The publisher has the right to refuse publication of color images deemed unacceptable.

Tables and Figures
Tables should not be embedded in the text document, but should be included as separate files. A short descriptive title should appear above each table with a clear legend and any footnotes suitably identified below. All units must be included.

Within the text, references should be cited in numerical order, in brackets
(e.g. [1,5-8]). References to technical journals will be made by author and journal title (with article title omitted). Journal abbreviations will be those used in the
current listing of Physics Abstracts Service Source Index Quarterly. Examples are shown below.

1. J.E. Gubernatis, E. Domamy, and J.A. Krumhansl. J. Appl. Phys. 48: 2804 (1977)

References to books will include the title and pages within the book.

2. H.S. Carslaw and J.C. Jaeger. Conduction of Heat in Solids 2nd ed., p. 125. Oxford University Press, London (1959)

A “private communication” or “unpublished research” may be referenced when required to give proper credit. The citation must include the affiliation and address of the person involved.

3. J.J. Doe, private communication, AAA Company, Washington, D.C. (January 1980)

Note: RNDE Manuscript Central will automatically place a running header and footer (of your choice), as well as page numbers and line numbers on your manuscript for review. Best online viewing results for authors and reviewers will be obtained with original files that DO NOT include page numbers, line numbers, or any information in the manuscript’s header or footer.

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