Volume 32/Number 2 2021

RNDE Instructions to Authors
Review Process
To expedite the review process, authors may recommend three to five reviewers. Please provide the name, address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address and area of expertise for each recommended reviewer. Recommended reviewers will be used at the discretion of the RNDE Editor-in-Chief. An acknowledgment of receipt of the manuscript submission will be sent to the corresponding author, including an assigned manuscript number that should be included in all subsequent correspondence. To ensure that revised manuscripts are linked to the original submission, revised manuscripts should be submitted using the Corresponding Author Center in RNDE Manuscript Central located at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/urnd.

Manuscript Style
Manuscripts must be in English and should be typed with double-spacing and margins of at least one inch on all sides. Authors are urged to submit manuscripts as Microsoft Word documents or as Adobe Acrobat PDF files. Uploading high-resolution images may slow down the submission of your manuscript; therefore, authors are encouraged to initially submit low-resolution images to increase uploading speeds. The submission of one or more PDF documents that contain text, tables and all figures for the initial review is encouraged. Authors will be able to resubmit high-resolution images later.

Abstracts and Organization
Each article should be prefaced by a brief (less than 200 words) abstract. Text should be organized clearly and headings and subheadings should be indicated. All mathematical symbols and Greek letters must be identified clearly. Subscripts and superscripts should be set off clearly and a zero should precede all decimal points. Principal equations should be displayed on separate lines and the following sequence of parentheses should be used: )]}. Equation numbers should be given in parentheses at the right-hand margin.

Digitals files are recommended for highest quality reproduction and should follow these guidelines:

  • 300 dpi or higher resolution
  • Pre-sized to fit on an RNDE page
  • EPS, TIFF or PhotoShop format only
  • Illustrations need to be submitted as separate files; do not embed illustrations in the text files
  • all units must be included. Illustrations should be labeled, taking into account necessary size reduction.

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